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Speed & Agility Jumps

Mary Evelyn Henderson shows us the first round of speed and agility workouts! JTNDaWZyYW1lJTIwd2lkdGglM0QlMjI1NjAlMjIlMjBoZWlnaHQlM0QlMjIzMTUlMjIlMjBzcmMlM0QlMjJodHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbSUyRmVtYmVkJTJGZjRseGVzOHpGeEElM0ZyZWwlM0QwJTIyJTIwZnJhbWVib3JkZXIlM0QlMjIwJTIyJTIwYWxsb3clM0QlMjJhdXRvcGxheSUzQiUyMGVuY3J5cHRlZC1tZWRpYSUyMiUyMGFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbiUzRSUzQyUyRmlmcmFtZSUzRQ==



Mary Evelyn Henderson walks us through a variety of exercises to help master your push-up skills! JTNDaWZyYW1lJTIwd2lkdGglM0QlMjI1NjAlMjIlMjBoZWlnaHQlM0QlMjIzMTUlMjIlMjBzcmMlM0QlMjJodHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbSUyRmVtYmVkJTJGRGpabUJBeU9ndGMlM0ZyZWwlM0QwJTIyJTIwZnJhbWVib3JkZXIlM0QlMjIwJTIyJTIwYWxsb3clM0QlMjJhdXRvcGxheSUzQiUyMGVuY3J5cHRlZC1tZWRpYSUyMiUyMGFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbiUzRSUzQyUyRmlmcmFtZSUzRQ==


BRLS Registration 2018

Waiting List/Cancellation Policy/Financial Assistance/Final Invoices Blue Ridge Leaders School is two and a half months away and registration is hopping. In fact, currently we are at capacity with a waiting list. Don’t fret just yet, if you have not sent in your registrations. We are still accepting registrations and adding to the waiting list. We [...]

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Club Development – March 2018

March Madness Registrations are in and the anticipation of BRLS 2018 is in the air. Thanks to the veteran Leaders and YMCA staff at your home YMCA your club is already prepared for success on the mountain this year. Much like March Madness, the freshmen of six months ago have learned a great deal throughout [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – March 2018

Spring has sprung!!! Can you believe it is April already? We are under 90 days away from BRLS 2018 and the days will count down fast from here. No doubt all the Leaders are focused on spring break, last minute fund-raisers, getting in much needed hours, and what to do the rest of the summer. [...]

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How to Stick to an Exercise Program

Mindy Anderson explains the True Colors Personality Assessment and how it can help you find a fitness program that works for you! #brlswellness #brlsfit JTNDaWZyYW1lJTIwd2lkdGglM0QlMjI1NjAlMjIlMjBoZWlnaHQlM0QlMjIzMTUlMjIlMjBzcmMlM0QlMjJodHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbSUyRmVtYmVkJTJGOV9VLWRla2QtSWslM0ZyZWwlM0QwJTIyJTIwZnJhbWVib3JkZXIlM0QlMjIwJTIyJTIwYWxsb3clM0QlMjJhdXRvcGxheSUzQiUyMGVuY3J5cHRlZC1tZWRpYSUyMiUyMGFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbiUzRSUzQyUyRmlmcmFtZSUzRQ==


Cardio & Heart Rate

Join Thomas Becton to learn about cardio and heart rate! JTNDaWZyYW1lJTIwd2lkdGglM0QlMjI1NjAlMjIlMjBoZWlnaHQlM0QlMjIzMTUlMjIlMjBzcmMlM0QlMjJodHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbSUyRmVtYmVkJTJGZkxSR2NieVlvdXMlM0ZyZWwlM0QwJTIyJTIwZnJhbWVib3JkZXIlM0QlMjIwJTIyJTIwYWxsb3clM0QlMjJhdXRvcGxheSUzQiUyMGVuY3J5cHRlZC1tZWRpYSUyMiUyMGFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbiUzRSUzQyUyRmlmcmFtZSUzRQ==


Club Development – February 2018

Enrollment Process Thanks to the hard work of your Blue Ridge Leaders’ School Registrar Brianne Pietronicco, the BRLS’ 18 Registration Forms have been shared with the masses.  There are not enough ways to thank Brianne for the amount of time and energy she devotes to the school each year. Brianne, please accept the beginning of this [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – February 2018

Spring is just around the corner and so is the opening of registration for BRLS 2018! Speaking for the SLT, this is when the work seems to really get exciting. We are ramping up our work to make sure everyone has the best possible experiences. And we know that Leaders and Advisors are looking over [...]

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