Spring is just around the corner and so is the opening of registration for BRLS 2018!

Speaking for the SLT, this is when the work seems to really get exciting. We are ramping up our work to make sure everyone has the best possible experiences. And we know that Leaders and Advisors are looking over their class schedules and starting to get pumped for June, as well.

We are working with veteran staff to improve and evolve the class curriculum. We are selecting counselors and helping them get ready to serve. We are talking to new club advisors to give them the support they need to make sure the Leaders can fully enjoy BRLS. In addition, we are working with the Honor Leaders and clubs who will give us our morning devotions and evening vespers.

Just as the flowers and gardens awake from their winter slumber soon, the work to make BRLS ’18 is coming alive!

Can’t wait to see everyone.

Greg Hall

YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders’ School