Hello everyone! My name is Caleb Bland! First up, name pronunciation. It is pronounced Kah-Lub not Kay-lub. It is so different because of my mom being proud of her Hispanic culture. She decided that my name would be said the Spanish way and now here I am 18 years later explaining how to say my name on the BRLS Express but don’t worry if you mess it up, it happens. This is my 5th year in the club as well as at Blue Ridge. I am from the Tuckahoe Family YMCA, in Richmond, Virginia. I was born and raised there and loved every moment. I am currently living in Harrisonburg, VA where I am a freshman at James Madison University studying Nursing. I am on JMU’s club ultimate frisbee team having a blast and I’m planning to get more involved with other organizations later like Student Ambassadors and Safe Rides.

Most people would probably say I have two modes, either a really mellow and relaxed or a super animated and energized. I enjoy staying active and playing sports, no matter what it is and I am not afraid to lay out. In high school, I wrestled, ran cross-country and track, golfed. Pancakes are my favorite food, popcorn is my favorite snack, and my favorite candy is Gummy Bears. I enjoy hiking, being outside and just being with others.

In my life, I have met tons of amazing people, but the person who has affected me the most throughout my Leaders’ Club career is Wayne Clevert. Wayne has never failed to show me support or help me out in a time of need. He has been a role model for me from the beginning and the big brother that I never had. I cannot thank him enough.

I can’t wait to see everyone at a rally, at Blue Ridge, or even on the street! I’m super excited to get to know everyone even better. I hope everyone has had a great year so far!


Caleb Bland