Volunteer Recognition

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Leaders,

As the year comes to a close, the tendency is to reflect on the past year and start focusing on the year ahead.  Before we wrap 2017, we should celebrate it.  In an effort to share ideas, recognize our Leaders, and celebrate their accomplishments, we would like to#CelebrateOurImpact.

We can always learn from each other so we might as well share with our Blue Ridge Leaders’ School family our pictures and accomplishments from 2017.  We do an excellent job of celebrating on the mountain each June and we should continue to celebrate and recognize the teens’ accomplishments throughout the year.

Leaders’ Club Advisor, Curtis Cecil shared that the Morrison YMCA held their annual Time, Talent and Treasure Recognition Dinner where they celebrated the life-changing impact of all who supported the community in 2017. Adult and teen volunteers were honored and celebrated in front of their peers and families. He is proud to share that, Leaders’ School attendee–Drew Smith was the Teen Volunteer of the Year.  If you have any questions about the event or look to create a similar event at your home YMCA, please feel free to contact him at Curtis.Cecil@ymcacharlotte.org.


Please feel free to share your recognition images and ideas as well as your end of the year celebration pictures to Blue Ridge Leaders’ School Facebook page via FB Messenger. We look forward to seeing how you #CelebrateOurImpact.

In Spirit, Mind and Body,

Ryan Graham