Hello all, I am Trey Kawugulé (it is pronounced KAH-Woo-GU-LAY), and I hail from Richmond, Virginia. I am the youngest of three which is where my name, Trey, comes from. I first joined Leaders because my older brother was involved with it, so naturally as a younger brother, I had to copy him. I idolized my brothers! Honestly, it is a miracle that in the 14 years that they lived with me that, they never just punched me for following their every movement. I followed my brother, Cole, all the way to BRLS, and once there, I just tried to act like him. He truly was a phenomenal leader and was also extremely humble in the way that he conducted himself. I bring him up because had I not had him to look up to, I wouldn’t be the same person. While Cole, and my eldest brother Gabe, may not have intentionally tried to pour love into me, they sure did contribute to my development, by setting a standard from which I conduct myself.

A couple quick facts on me, I am a senior at Hermitage High School where I play golf and lacrosse. When I’m not spending time playing sports, I am probably spending time with my school’s branch of YoungLife or FCA. In the event I’m not there, you can find me at the Y working or volunteering. Next fall, I will be attending Guilford College (Go Quakers!) where I will play lacrosse and will double major in religious studies (with a minor in Quaker studies) and sports management. After which, I hope to head into ministry. In my free time, you are most likely to find me watching a history documentary, reading a book on theology while listening to the Avett Brothers. If I’m not doing one of those things, I am yelling at referees through my TV screen. I feel seriously blessed and honored to be able to serve as a 2017 Honor leader. I hope that I have helped you peer into who I am as a person, and I look forward to getting to know those of you whom I haven’t already met!

Trey Kawugulé