Christian Vanleer

Heyo homies!

My name is Christian Vanleer and I am from the Ashford Dunwoody YMCA in Atlanta, Ga (Go ADY til I die!!) I’m actually from Muncie, Indiana but moved to Atlanta in 5th grade. Now I live in Boston, Ma and attend Boston University on a Posse Scholarship. I’m majoring in Political Science and Economics and plan to hopefully use that to become a lawyer one day. While here I am apart of my school’s Mock trial team as well as Ultimate Frisbee program.

Leaders’ was a program that I grew up knowing about because of how many PNO’s and overnights I went to as a kid, but I never truly understood what it was until I walked in late to the first meeting and was caught completely off guard by my clubs chant about being late. Since that moment, I knew that club was more than a club, it was my new family.

My favorite class on the mountain is definitely the volleyball clinic with Peter and Karen and Faith. Between the three of them, I quickly learned how to fall hard, and get up faster. The class forced me to take a step back and realize that you can fun while still being competitive. In addition, I learned from Peter that it’s very easy to smile while telling someone to hit a ball with more confidence. I didn’t realize that was going to be life lesson. BRLS taught me that you can always find a lesson to learn if you take the time to try something new!

Sincerely and with tons of love,

Christian “Watermelon the Kid” Vanleer