Hi! My name is Noah Burke and I am from the Southeast Family YMCA of Greater Louisville. I was born and raised in Louisville but am happy to claim rural and eastern Kentucky as my homes as well with much of my extended family residing there. I am currently a junior at the University of Louisville, pursuing a philosophy degree with the intention of advancing to seminary after graduating from UofL. Outside of my classes, I am on the leadership team for the UofL Baptist Campus Ministry, work multiple jobs, co-advise my home Leaders’ Club, and write as much as I can, both for my blog and for my books.

I owe a lot of my drive to the school that is Blue Ridge. With so many profound and enjoyable things, it is never easy to choose something as my favorite thing. From the Ultimate Frisbee class to Feeling Great with Stephen Kaye, and on to Image 101. Moreover, how could I forget the sixth year classes? It is easy to say this school has shaped who I have become but if anything Stephen Kaye deserves credit for playing a major role in that.

My first year at the school I had no idea what to expect, being from a club of three people. I was nervous and unsure. Feeling Great changed that; it broke down the bubble I had put between myself and the world so completely that I was left vulnerable in a profound way. There is no safer place to break down that comfort zone. I walked out of that class realizing that I felt so great because I was freed from the weight of fitting in or being anyone other than myself and who I wanted to be. I learned what it meant to support someone else, physically and mentally, and I became myself, thanks to Stephen Kaye.

Noah Burke