Hello! I am sure by now everyone is getting antsy anticipating BRLS 2019 registration!  Here are a few highlights for this year:

*Registration will be online! More specific details on how this will work will be available February 19th when all registration materials are finalized. (This means no more mailing registration packets-although there will be some forms to upload into the system).

*Credit Card payments will be accepted this year!  Clubs will still be paying by club from the YMCA, but you will have the option to pay your deposit and final payment by credit card with at 3% credit card fee via a Square invoice that will be emailed to you once your registration is accepted. Mailed checks will still be accepted.

*BRLS Fees for 2019

  • Leader Division: $535 (includes school picture)
  • Senior Division (advisors are enrolled in senior division): $610
  • Staff Division (individuals serving the school in a staff capacity): $90
  • Initial Deposit: $150
  • Delegation fee: $100

Please make sure to update your contact information if you are a new advisor or if anything has changed.  All registration information will be available on the website when registration opens, but we will also be sending out an email to the contact information we have.

If you have any questions about registration for BRLS 2019, please feel free to contact Brianne Pietronicco at briannepietronicco.brls@yblueridge.org.