2019 Blue Ridge Leaders' School
June 15, 2019 – June 22, 2019
**Registration is Now Closed**

We are excited to announce that registration for 2019 Blue Ridge Leaders’ School will be online! Please familiarize yourself with the information on this page as there are several changes from prior years’ registration process. Be sure to download the Operations Guides at the links below, which outline important information for parents, leaders and advisors on everything you need to know prior to, during and following the week on the mountain.

2019 Application Links

The BRLS 2019 online registration window is now closed. Please contact Brianne Pietronicco with questions!

*Financial Assistance applications to be completed by parents or legal guardians.

**The Club Registration Form must be completed by advisors after all their leaders and seniors have submitted individual applications. Please see below for more information.

While online registration will officially close on May 1, advisors are strongly encouraged to have all applications submitted by March 11.

Key Dates

  • February 13, 2019: Registration Info Released
  • February 18-19, 2019: Advisor Registration Webinars Held
  • February 25, 2019: Online Registration Window Opens at 10:00am EST (Leaders, Seniors, and Financial Assistance)
  • March 11, 2019: Club Registration Form Opens at 10:00am EST
  • April 1, 2019: Deadline for Financial Assistance Application Submissions
  • April 8, 2019: Drops After This Date Subject to Full Payment
  • May 1, 2019: Online Registration Closes
  • June 15-22, 2019: Blue Ridge Leaders’ School

Operations Guides

Parent Info BRLS 2019

Leader Info BRLS 2019

Advisor Info BRLS 2019


  • Leader: $535 (Deposit $150 per Leader) – fee includes school photo
  • Senior Leader/Advisor: $610
  • Staff Member: $90
  • Observer (age 13+): $450
  • Observer Child (age 3-12): $200
  • Observer Infant (age <2): $0
  • Club Delegation Fee: $100 per Club

Online Registration Process Overview


Get to Know the New Registration Process

Click on a question below to view the answer. After reviewing the info below, if you still have questions about registration, please click here to get in touch.

YES! If your club plans to register for BRLS 2019, BUT did NOT attend BRLS in 2018 or has never been to BRLS in prior years, please complete and submit this Club Pre-Registration Form prior to March 1st.

A Registration Meeting is a club meeting where leaders, advisors and seniors will submit their online BRLS applications. Each advisor is strongly encouraged to schedule a Registration Meeting during the registration window (Feb 25-March 11). Advisors have the option to host a single meeting (where all leaders submit their applications at one time) or multiple meetings (where leaders are scheduled on different days to submit their applications).

Once registration opens (10am EST on February 25, 2019), links will be posted at the top of this page directing leaders, senior leaders and advisors to their individual online application forms. At the Registration Meeting(s), everyone will individually visit their application URLs and complete/submit individual applications. Make sure you have your phone, tablet, laptop or other device ready and wifi available at the Registration Meeting. You will need to upload digital / scanned copies of Parent Release Forms and headshot photos as part of the individual application.

Each LEADER needs to bring the following:

  • A completed Parent Release Form (to be scanned / uploaded as part of the online application and turned in to the advisor at the Registration Meeting). Note: Parents and advisors must sign this form prior to submission; and
  • A digital copy of a headshot (.jpg or .png) to upload as part of the leader’s application.

Each SENIOR LEADER AND ADVISOR needs to bring the following:

  • A digital copy of a headshot (.jpg or .png) to upload as part of the senior leader’s / advisor’s application.

Reminders for Advisors:

  • Ensure that both sides of the Parent Release Form are completed and signed by the parent and advisor prior to submission of the application. Please collect all leaders’ Parent Release Forms and retain these for your records.
  • Please make sure to carefully review each leader’s application prior to submission and ensure class selections are completed properly.
  • You will be provided with an Advisor Code that you will need to input on each leader’s application prior to submission.

We are requiring photos of everyone on the mountain for security, safety and identity purposes. Photos do not need to be high resolution, but do need to clearly display the individual’s face only.

The online Club Registration Form must be submitted by advisors after the club’s leaders and seniors have submitted individual applications. The purpose of the Club Registration Form is to officially “register” your club’s delegation and provide current information about the club’s YMCA, Association, Executive Director, Advisor and other important information. The Club Registration Form will open March 11, 2019 and close May 1, 2019.

Each advisor will need to complete a Club Delegation Spreadsheet after all his/her leaders and seniors have submitted their applications. Advisors must clearly indicate in the form who is authorized to attend BRLS and which seniors are cleared and/or waitlisted. The spreadsheet must be completed, signed by the advisor and the applicable YMCA executive, and uploaded as part of the Club Registration Form, beginning March 11, 2019. The Club Registration Form (along with individual leader/senior applications) will close May 1, 2019.

While BRLS will consider the timestamp of your Club Registration Form and timing of receipt of your Club Delegation Spreadsheet, priority status will be given to clubs that submit complete, accurate, and timely applications. This includes leader, senior leader, and club registration applications (including the Club Delegation Spreadsheet). Any corrections that need to be made by the BRLS Staff regarding your delegation after your applications have been submitted may result in your club being waitlisted.

Each club is permitted to bring 30 leaders. Additional leaders will be automatically waitlisted. All approved/waitlisted leaders must be clearly indicated on the advisor’s Club Delegation Spreadsheet.

Each club is permitted to bring a maximum of 2 seniors. There is a strict ratio of 1 senior per every 15 leaders. Additional seniors will be automatically waitlisted. For purposes of clarity, if one senior is also identified as an advisor, then that club is permitted to bring only one senior. All approved/waitlisted seniors must be clearly indicated on the advisor’s Club Delegation Spreadsheet.

Once your Club Delegation Spreadsheet and all leader applications are received, we will contact you with the approved number of spots for your club and let you know that your club has been enrolled. A club delegation fee in the amount of $100 plus a deposit in the amount of $150 per leader will be due upon enrollment.

Payments must be made in one lump sum by your YMCA to cover all approved leaders, seniors and the advisor. Payment can be made in two ways: (1) Send a check to Blue Ridge Assembly, Attn: Blue Ridge Leaders’ School, 84 Blue Ridge Circle, Black Mountain, NC 28711. Please make sure you include your Club/YMCA name on the memo line of the check; or (2) by credit card via Square invoice. Note that a 3% fee will apply to your total if you elect to pay by card. If you want to pay by card, please indicate so on the Club Delegation Spreadsheet and we will send you a Square invoice.

You will be notified of payment deadlines for any outstanding balances due.

Note that drops after April 8, 2019 will be subject to full payment and will not be eligible for a refund.

No. We will email you to confirm when your club has been officially enrolled or waitlisted and how many spots are confirmed.

Click here to view the full list and class/clinic descriptions. Note that page 6 of the document includes a schedule matrix that shows which classes are being offered during which periods. This will help leaders plan their schedules accordingly BEFORE the Club Registration Meeting.

The link to the Financial Assistance Application will be posted at the top of this page on February 25, 2019. Financial assistance is available to leaders on a needs-basis. Parents or legal guardians of leaders who are interested in financial assistance should submit a Financial Assistance Application by April 1, 2019. Financial assistance award notifications will be sent on or about May 1, 2019.

If you have drops or need to make changes to your club delegation, please email Brianne at briannepietronicco.brls@yblueridge.org. If any of your leaders have medical conditions that have changed, you may complete and submit the Medical Update Form. The link to the Medical Update Form will be posted here in mid-May and will be open through early June.

No. If you are a club advisor and have already submitted a BRLS Staff application, you do not need to complete a Senior Leader application at the Registration Meeting. However, you will still need to complete the Club Registration Form online beginning March 11.

Once BRLS notifies club advisors that their club has officially been enrolled in BRLS, advisors can apply for club recognition. Here is the link to the Club Recognition Application.

Advisor Steps

  • Register for and attend an advisor registration webinar on Feb. 18 or Feb. 19
  • Distribute Parent and Leader Ops Manuals, Parent Release Forms, Class Offerings/Descriptions PDF, Application Preview PDFs
  • Schedule your Club Registration Meeting(s) on or after Feb. 25
  • Download the Club Delegation Spreadsheet
  • At the Club Registration Meeting, each leader and senior will click on the link to their respective application form (for leaders, forms will be organized by year on the mountain). Scan the signed Parent Release Forms and headshots (if they are not already in a digital format), review individual leader applications, input the Advisor Code (which will be emailed to you) and submit the individual application for each leader. Save a hard copy of Parent Release Forms for your records.
  • Complete your Club Delegation Spreadsheet
  • Send interested parents the link to the Financial Assistance Form (will be posted on Feb. 25)
  • On or after March 11, submit the online Club Registration Form (upload your Club Delegation Spreadsheet as part of the form)
  • You will be notified that whether your Club has been enrolled or waitlisted
  • Once notified that your Club has been enrolled, you (1) will receive an invoice to pay your deposit; and (2) may submit a Club Recognition Application
  • Email any changes to your delegation to Brianne and complete the Medical Update Form to indicate changes to leaders’ medical info by June 1
  • See you on the mountain!