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Leaders’ Clubs are the lifeblood of Blue Ridge Leaders’ School and we are dedicated to their success throughout the year. The success of BRLS depends on the mission and lessons of the school being taken back home and implemented in the communities in which our leaders live and serve.

Below you’ll find plenty of resources to help grow a Leaders’ Club, or start a new one, as well as a space to communicate with other clubs and leaders across the southeastern US. Click any of the links below to download the document.

Club Development Resources

New to the Club?


This is a consistent adult willing to meet weekly with the teens. This can be a volunteer or staff and should be at 21 years of age. They should also know the operations of the YMCA so they can help connect the Leaders’ Club program into youth sports, aquatics, day camp, etc.

Organization Standards

Below are the Level 1 Club Standards. To see full standards for Levels 1 through 4, CLICK HERE.

1. Written club constitution, or other binding document that details and clubs mission, guidelines and is consistency to the mission and purpose of Blue Ridge Leaders’ School

2. Written proof of professional staff and/or volunteer oversight by YMCA administration.

3. Written proof of training tied to the Y’s mission of bettering one’s spirit, mind and body. These can include aquatics, fitness, sports, gymnastics and the theory of YMCA leadership and service. If COVID-19 effects in-person ability to meet this requirement, provide documentation of exceptions and accommodations to meet this requirement virtually. Please provide all that apply.

4. Written proof that members of the club members serve a minimum of 24 service hours annually. If leader fails to meet hour requirement, please provide explanation of gap for consideration.


Parents will need to know the expectations of the club in order to support the Leader with transportation, priority setting, budgets, etc. Education about how the volunteer service hours within the YMCA programs will build and advance their teens speaking skills, leadership traits and confidence will be a key component of a successful partnership.


Looking at the club as just another service club is a common mistake. The purpose of the club is to build real skills of leadership and communication, the service hours is just one of the ways into this growth. The best frame of reference might be to look at the club like a Varsity sport, or travel team model. We work with folks committed to excellence in service and those dedicated to improving themselves and others.

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Club Development Blog

Club Development – March 2020

Communication is KEY in Leaders Club! We have so many things to keep track of; hours, volunteer opportunities, phone numbers, meetings and so much more. Our club is currently using the Remind app to communicate and track schedules. On the remind app, you can attach files, create announcements and take polls! If you think your […]


Upcoming Events


Click here to submit the details of your rally or other event. We’ll feature it on the Rallies/Events page on our website, in the BRLS Express, and on our social media!

Club Highlight Submissions Needed!

Is your Club working on an impactful project for your Y? Do you have a Leaders’ Club member who is going above and beyond in the home Y and community? Does your Club have a service project coming up that you’d like BRLS to lift up? If so, please send a brief summary and any pictures you may have to Molly D’Avria at so we can feature your Club on the BRLS Facebook page!

Press Release Templates

Attention BRLS Community: We’ve crafted some press release templates for you to use to promote your leaders’ club or any events you put on. The goal of these press release templates is to aid busy program directors and volunteer advisors in communicating with the community. All press releases are fully editable and available to you today!