COVID-19 Update

Dear BRLS family, I recently received a wonderful email from Riley Moffitt, a Leader from the Midlothian YMCA Leaders Club. She was writing as the point person for the collective 6th year leaders currently attending the school. They have used virtual meetings to stay connected and discuss their Club/BRLS shared journey. At the end of [...]

Club Administration – March 2020 Update

We are excited to announce that Club Recognition has evolved to Club Administration moving forward. The Club Levels traditionally have been a great way to recognize the Leaders’ Club work taking place at the home YMCA.  As the Leaders’ Club movement has continued to expand, it’s become apparent that the foundational work at the home YMCAs is directly […]

BRLS Counselors 2020

Do you remember your BRLS Counselors? Over and over again when we speak with alumni they fondly remember the counselor that led their group from year to year. This person sets the tone for the week, provides stability and humor during evening devotion, and helps Leaders grow as they make their way through the 6-year […]

Alumni Network Has Launched!

If you have attended BRLS in any role over the last 98 years, take a moment and reconnect today. Use this link to register now. Jessica James-Hill is leading this work and has some exciting plans for the coming months and years that will see many opportunities to meet up locally and on the mountain.