We are excited to announce that Club Recognition has evolved to Club Administration moving forward. The Club Levels traditionally have been a great way to recognize the Leaders’ Club work taking place at the home YMCA.  As the Leaders’ Club movement has continued to expand, it’s become apparent that the foundational work at the home YMCAs is directly related to the success of the teens on the Mountain and the impact the club is making in their communities. This outcome has led to the decision to require all second-year and up clubs to be at least the Level One level by BRLS 2021. 2020 is a good year to get used to the process, if this is a first for your club. This foundational work will be invaluable to your clubs as they prepare for the Mountain and when transitions take place at the home YMCAs. We thank you in advance for taking these steps to help ensuring the success of your club for years to come.

The application for Club Administration will go live in March, so stay tuned!