Fitness Update – March 2019

A few years ago when we adjusted the Fitness Assessment to focus on meeting Leaders where they are and to encourage continued improvement year over year, it was a significant change. We were hopeful that this approach would encourage Leaders and Advisors to take a positive approach to healthier living and to strive to be [...]


Counselor Update – Winter 2018/19

Being a counselor is about learning skills, developing character and making friends while leading peers to do the same.  It is a wonderful opportunity for growth while at the same time challenging both mentally and physically. This year 200 teens have applied for approximately 80 counselor positions. The counselor selection process works to find qualified and dedicated teens to [...]


Registration Update – Winter 2018/19

Hello! I am sure by now everyone is getting antsy anticipating BRLS 2019 registration!  Here are a few highlights for this year: *Registration will be online! More specific details on how this will work will be available February 19th when all registration materials are finalized. (This means no more mailing registration packets-although there will be some forms to [...]


Honor Leader Retreat Recap – November 2018

Even in the days leading up to the HL retreat, Greg and Jess really don’t tell us much about what we were going to be doing last weekend. All we knew going in was the big things we had to figure out like the theme (Get Excited!!). We soon figured out that’s because so much of the [...]


Counselor Update – October 2018

First and foremost I want to give a big GIANT thank you to all of our 2018 BRLS Counselors! The Mountain was better because of their hard work and dedication. Each year counselors are pushed and pulled to balance their personal BRLS experience and that of their group. The selection process has already begun for the 2019 crop [...]


Fitness Update – October 2018

We are now in our second year with our new format of YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders' School Fitness Assessments.  Thanks to a few brilliant Leaders' School Staff members we are able to track the results from the assessments to gain a better understanding of the fitness levels of the leaders coming to the school.  When [...]

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Staff Application – BRLS 2019

Are you interested in joining the BRLS Staff Team for the 2019 School? We are looking to add to our team of cause-driven volunteers that serve the Mission of Blue Ridge Leaders' School and make a huge impact on teens! Below you will find a link to apply for these positions. Current staff need not [...]


2018 School Show Line-up

Hello All! Last year our goal was to highlight a class from each year and a handful of clinics so our 1st year Leaders and our visitors could get an idea of what BRLS really looks like. After receiving stellar feedback from last year's school show, we have developed a tentative 5 year plan of how the school shows [...]


2018 Fitness Assessment

Our goal is to help the Leaders adopt and commit to a healthier lifestyle. We hope that through motivation, training and education Leaders will begin to make better choices around their physical health and to give them to the foundation to build on as they progress through life. This is a process in 2017 we [...]


All Things Registration – BRLS 2018

Cancellations/Waiting List We have been slowly moving through the waiting list, however there are still just over 100 teens waiting to hear if they will be able to attend, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY if you have any Leaders who cannot attend.  We want to be able to enroll another teen in their space, but do [...]

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