COVID-19 Update

Dear BRLS family, I recently received a wonderful email from Riley Moffitt, a Leader from the Midlothian YMCA Leaders Club. She was writing as the point person for the collective 6th year leaders currently attending the school. They have used virtual meetings to stay connected and discuss their Club/BRLS shared journey. At the end [...]

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Director’s Porch View – March 2020

The countdown has started, and with the Spring Rally season upon us we are less than 100 days from BRLS 2020!! Registration meeting have been happening and we know it will be another full school. Six clubs are working hard on their morning devotions, and the Honor Leaders are putting the finishing touches on [...]

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Director’s Porch View – January 2020

At this time of the year we all take stock of the previous year and make our plans for the new one.  The Leaders School is no different. To help us address current and future challenges, we added a few new members to the School Leadership Team as we ramp up for some big [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – Spring 2019

Is it really May?? It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks we will all assembly on the mountain for BRLS 2019! It is even harder to believe that Tiger Woods is our Masters Champion….but more on that in June. The school moved into the digital age since our last newsletter and I [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – March 2019

March already?? I don’t know about you but the SLT is really excited for this year’s BRLS. And with the amazing new online registration process under way we continue to listen to the clubs and try to make Leaders' School better every year. And with so many Leaders getting better every year, it’s only natural [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – Winter 2018/19

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe that 2019 is upon us? I hope that the excitement and energy of the new year stays with all of us as we speed our way to BRLS this June. This time of year we make new goals, creative ideas, and fresh approaches. We also take time to celebrate the [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – November 2018

WOW, what a busy month we have had as we prepare for BRLS 2019! I am happy to report that the School Leadership Team met and spent two and a half days pouring over all the feedback and notes pertaining to this past year’s school. Thanks to everyone who filled out a survey, or emailed a [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – October 2019

What a fantastic BRLS 2018 we had this summer!! From an amazing and inspiring opening devotion from the Honor Leaders to the joyful and energetic closing video by our brand new media clinic leaders, it was a week full of memories. Thanks to all that made the week such a success. And now we begin the [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – May/June 2018

ONE WEEK???? Is it really just one week until we are all together up on the mountain? Wow, what an exciting thought. Soon we will see old friends and begin to make new ones. We will take in the amazing views and learn from some amazing staff how to better serve our local YMCAs. But [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – April 2018

WOW, summer is just around the corner! I hope everyone is as excited as the SLT for BRLS 2018! I wanted to take a moment to lift up the hard work of this fine group of men and women. They volunteer hundreds of hours over the course of the year to plan, and produce the [...]

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