What a fantastic BRLS 2018 we had this summer!! From an amazing and inspiring opening devotion from the Honor Leaders to the joyful and energetic closing video by our brand new media clinic leaders, it was a week full of memories. Thanks to all that made the week such a success. And now we begin the real work…the year round positive impact in the programs of your local YMCA. The school is working on several ways to support you all year long. New ideas for personal wellness, easier ways to track all the volunteer work, new ways to share ideas between the clubs, and support in lifting up the “C” in the YMCA are all part of our wishlist between now and June 2019. The next step is the BRLS planning retreat. If you would like to share any thoughts about the school, send me an email agreghall@yblueridge.org by October 15th and your perspective will be added to the conversations held by the SLT. In closing, everyone grew a bit in their leadership this summer, now is the time to use it. Help out in Afterschool, swim lessons, fall sports or wherever your YMCA needs well trained, and servant minded teens!!!

Greg Hall

YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders’ School