HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe that 2019 is upon us? I hope that the excitement and energy of the new year stays with all of us as we speed our way to BRLS this June. This time of year we make new goals, creative ideas, and fresh approaches. We also take time to celebrate the year that just ended. So may I reflect back on 2018 by saying that the the Honor Leaders did an amazing job with the opening devotion and made the entire school so real and personal that success was a certainty. The energy the clubs have shown on the new goal based physical assessments really blew me away and the steadfast commitment shown by so many senior leaders is inspiring. As I look to 2019 I resolve to continue listening to the advisors, staff, seniors and leaders. That feedback will be key to BRLS remaining the pinnacle of the Leaders’ Club program year!!

Greg Hall
YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders’ School