ONE WEEK???? Is it really just one week until we are all together up on the mountain? Wow, what an exciting thought. Soon we will see old friends and begin to make new ones. We will take in the amazing views and learn from some amazing staff how to better serve our local YMCAs. But before we can do these things, there is still much work to be done. Here are just a couple things to remember.

Some of the classes and clinics require certain supplies and, where possible, Leaders may want to bring specific items with them. Tennis, Field Hockey, disc golf are a few of the classes that a Leader may want to bring their personal equipment to. The school will have all the basics to run the program, but if a Leader wants to bring their own, they are encouraged to do so. An email goes out this week to the advisors/leaders with this list to be considered.

Advisors, please work with your Leaders to be sure they are aware of their individual fitness goals from BRLS 2017. For some this is no big deal, you have been keeping this in front of them all year, for others it may take a bit of refreshing of your memories. First year Leaders should be using the same target numbers as the last few years.

The dance theme is going to transform the pavilion into a rainbow of color this year and each year of BRLS attendance has a different color assigned. And this goes for teens as well as adults.

1st Years: Yellow

2nd Years: Red

3rd Years: Green

4th Years: Blue

5th Years: Purple

6th Years: Black

7+ Years: Tie Dye

And all of this begins in 7 days, so I hope that everyone reading this is as excited as I am to take that winding road up to the most magical week of the year!

Greg Hall

YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders’ School

**828-275-4662** New Number