WOW, what a busy month we have had as we prepare for BRLS 2019! I am happy to report that the School Leadership Team met and spent two and a half days pouring over all the feedback and notes pertaining to this past year’s school. Thanks to everyone who filled out a survey, or emailed a letter.

As we prepare for June, please take note that the school remains an intense and rigorous week that will challenge all aspects of a Leader. Physical, mental and spiritual growth are all given attention at BRLS and we hope that the local club is discerning in who they choose to enroll in the school. In the past we have had young people brought to the mountain that were not fully prepared for the demanding focus and rapid pace of BRLS. In order to succeed and get the full benefit from our unique week, teens should come to us with a solid base of Spirit, Mind, and Body.  If any local club has questions about how this really should look at their YMCA I would welcome the conversation.

I hope everyone was able to give thanks with there loved ones last week and are looking forward to varying degrees of winter wonderlands! Unless you are in Florida…Enjoy the beach for the rest of us!

Greg Hall
YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders’ School