Hello! My name is Carey Hollis! I am currently a sophomore at Virginia State University. My major is mechanical engineering and I plan on picking up a minor in business management. This is my 8th year in leaders club and will be my 7th year up on the mountain. I am originally from the Hampton YMCA, but I have been at the Petersburg YMCA for the past two years. I am a very laid back and happy person. You’ll always catch a smile on my face. I enjoy playing sports such as: football, basketball, golf, tennis, baseball, and weightlifting. I may not be good at all of them, but I have fun playing them. During my down time I normally read, play video games, or binge watch shows on Netflix. I love gummy bears and fruit snacks. My favorite foods are pizza, chicken alfredo, and sushi. I do not eat pork, so no pepperoni pizza for me. I have a brother, named James, who is still involved in leaders club and some say we look alike (I disagree). In life, I plan on building a community center in an area where it is needed. I may be a mechanical engineering major, but that is not my passion in life. I want to give back and change lives directly especially to the youth. Building a community center will create a safe haven for the community throughout the day. I hope everyone continues to have an amazing year. I can’t wait to see you all up on the mountain!

All My Best,