My name is Matthew, and I am from the Shady Grove Family YMCA in Richmond, VA. I go to Virginia Tech, where I am studying aerospace engineering. In my free time, I enjoy running, playing and watching soccer and spending time with friends and family.

What is your favorite BRLS story, memory, or experience?

Some of my favorite experiences on the Mountain have been the two morning devotions I have been a part of. Both were unique experiences but required similar struggle, stress and hard work in the weeks/months leading up to BRLS. The pay off of efforts however was incredible; being able to share our ideas and experiences with the other people on the Mountain was incredible.

What is your favorite Leaders’ Club story, memory, or experience?

My favorite Leaders Club memory isn’t one but rather the same event every meeting. Magic Circle was a highlight of my week every week while I was in the club. It gave me time to reflect and slow down once a week and helped keep me centered.

What are you most looking forward to for BRLS this year?

At BRLS in 2022, I am most looking forward to interacting with the first years. Young leaders are the futures of their clubs and communities and it will be cool to see them and help them in the beginning of their journeys. Also, it will be interesting to learn from them and their experiences.

If you could give your 1st year self one piece of advice, what would it be?

I would tell myself that it’s okay to be scared of new experiences, but don’t let it hold you back.

Tell us a fun fact about anything!!

My fun fact is that I am bilingual. I speak Afrikaans as my home language.