My name is Katelyn Basak, I’m from the Victory Family YMCA Leaders club in Yorktown, VA. This will be my 10th year in the club and 7th year on the mountain.I am junior Communications in Sciences and Disorders major at James Madison University. I plan on getting my masters degree to become a Speech Language Pathologist.I love being active, baking, exploring nature, and serving my community.

What is your favorite BRLS story, memory, or experience?

My favorite memory of BRLS is singing dancing queen on karaoke night with my club.Three people in my club turned 17 that year including me so it was really fun to celebrate with everyone. That made my birthday really special to me because I was surrounded with some of my best friends and positive energy.

What is your favorite Leaders’ Club story, memory, or experience?

My favorite Leaders club experience was my clubs annual camping trip. I remember sitting around a camp fire playing catch phrase and everyone had such a fun time together, guessing words and enjoying each other’s company. We still reference inside jokes that we created that weekend today.

What are you most looking forward to for BRLS this year?

I’m looking forward to teaching classes and learning from the first years and staff members.I can’t wait to make meaningful impact on others and share my passion for service and leadership. I’m excited to serve the school that created many friendships, memories, and life lessons for me.

If you could give your 1st year self one piece of advice, what would it be?

My advice is come with an open mind and be present when you are on the mountain. Also don’t be afraid to talk to older years or staff members, you never know if a conversation can make an impact on you.

Tell us a fun fact about anything!!

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and I was a rock wall instructor at my YMCA.