Hello!! My name is Sammy Hubbard and I have been with the Cowart Family Ashford Dunwoody YMCA for 9 years now. I love watching anime, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends.

What is your favorite BRLS story, memory, or experience?

My favorite BRLS experience is when we played hackey sack outside while we waited for lunch. It was so cool to see everyone join in and just have a good time, regardless of skill level. We would always be the last ones in the lunch room, just a great memory.

What is your favorite Leaders’ Club story, memory, or experience?

My favorite LC experience is our annual Christmas Party where we do a white elephant. It is so funny to see people get so hyped up while playing the game. The brutal competitiveness, shouting and fighting over a pair of socks is hilarious.

What are you most looking forward to for BRLS this year?

I am looking forward to what I can personally give to everyone on the mountain. I am excited to meet new people, and hopefully make an impact in their lives.

If you could give your 1st year self one piece of advice, what would it be?

I have heard this mantra multiple times throughout my time on the mountain. “You get out what you put in. If you want more, give more” and it is 100% true, so try and walk into BRLS with an open mind and a positive attitude!!

Tell us a fun fact about anything!!

I have worked at a haunted house!