“Preparing for BRLS: Advisor Advice”

Soon we will be returning to the mountain and reuniting with old friends! Staff are preparing their curriculum to bring together a wealth of knowledge for another successful year! The largest population on the mountain will be first year attendees, including leaders, advisors, and staff alike. The first year Leader experience can be an intimidating one. However, being a first year advisor was has to prepare for the first year Leader’s BRLS experience can be just as intimidating.

To aid in this process, we have gathered some helpful tips from seasoned advisors to assist with a smooth BRLS experience. Below are some tips from the advisor of the Siskey YMCA Leaders’ Club, Andrew Reinken:

Having a plan for the scheduled club time throughout the week.
Club meeting time early in the week should include class work successes and struggles.
Assigning more veteran Leaders to assist those who a need one on one tutoring. This includes more than the first years. For example, we cannot assume that the 4th year Leaders will not need assistance, just because they have three years in the bank.

Thursday’s club meeting is too late to fix study gaps or classwork issues. Address them earlier in the week and monitor regularly.

Advisors should attend every meal, using that time to check in with your Leaders and networking with your peers.

Utilize your Senior Leaders to also check in with club members; especially first year Senior Leaders. The transition from the Leaders division to Senior division can be a difficult one. Giving that new Senior Leader responsibility while utilizing their recent Leaders division experiences will be a win-win for your club.

Remind all your Leaders to be themselves this week.

In next month’s article, we hope to share more advisor best practices. Feel free to include your advice and words of wisdom in your club recognition documentation. (Due May 15th – subliminal reminder and club recognition promoting plug). Individuals whose names rhyme with Fendra Kuentes, Cylan Rorbin, Kitney Wahn, and Sollie Mozier, start preparing! I’ll be calling you soon!

In Spirit, Mind and Body,

Ryan Graham