March Madness

Registrations are in and the anticipation of BRLS 2018 is in the air. Thanks to the veteran Leaders and YMCA staff at your home YMCA your club is already prepared for success on the mountain this year.

Much like March Madness, the freshmen of six months ago have learned a great deal throughout the season; however, the tournament is something they have never experienced. The first year Leaders of fall 2017 have been club trained and have completed almost entire academic school year, but Blue Ridge Leaders’ School is something that they have never experienced.

During these last couple months before we reunite on the mountain, please make sure we are preparing the first years with a balanced approach; Spirt, Mind and Body. Preparation for the mountain is much more than working on fitness goals. The best athlete cannot expand their potential without the other two sides of the triangle supporting the physical side. They need to feel comfortable and confident. Giving the first years the opportunity to lead groups and “Tell, Show, Do and Check” before they are asked to lead on the mountain, will only increase the preparedness of your Leaders.

We are excited to welcome a new class of Leaders on the mountain this June. We look forward to seeing the results of your invested time and talents with a BRLS experience unlike any other…..until the following year, when the bar is raised again!

In Spirit, Mind and Body,

Ryan Graham