“Taking It Beyond BRLS”

That is a wrap folks. Summer is in the rear view mirror. Memories of BRLS 2017 are three months behind us. Much like the rear view mirror, those memories are closer than they appear due to impact the school has made. It is time to pay that impact forward to our home YMCA members and program participants.

While on the mountain over 900 individuals worked together to develop themselves and those around them in spirit, mind and body. Now is the time to take the principles we learned on the mountain and put them into practice at our home YMCAs. Wow, that sounds like a mission statement that 900 of my closest friends should have no problem reciting!

What afterschool or sports program would not want additional assistance with teaching skills or leading activities? Telling, showing, doing, checking is not just for sports. Assisting with swim lessons and safety around water programs are additional ways leaders can take the teaching skills practiced on the mountain, home to their YMCAs and literally save a life.

Dozens of clubs returned home with new skill sets. More clubs then ever took home club recognition awards. Share these accomplishments with your YMCA leadership and volunteers. Invite your branch leadership and policy volunteers to your induction ceremonies and meetings.  How cool would it be if a Leaders’ Club representative opened a YMCA board meeting by leading the devotion?  Taking it one step further, inviting the board chair to lead a club opening devotion or be involved with club inductions will only aid in expanding the awareness of the teens’ impact.

The real work takes place the other 51 weeks of the year.  We have fitness goals to work on.  Talents and time to share, all while working to be the best version of ourselves we can be.  The time on the mountain was magical.  It is our responsibility as leaders that experienced that magic to share the magic beyond ourselves.

In Spirit, Mind and Body,

Ryan Graham