Club Officers

By now everyone is back to school, the new club officers have taken office, and new recruits are being introduced to the Leaders’ Club family.  As we embark on the new school year; Club Recognition and the transfer of officer leadership are our topics for this issue of the newsletter.

In regards to the Level IV Recognition, we have heard some feedback from the home YMCAs.  The SLT group meets later this fall and we will finalize the criteria at that time.  In the meantime, clubs can make sure that new Leaders have had their fitness assessments to ensure all leaders have a starting foundation for the year.    We also know that the annual calendar for club recognition will be June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019.  For example: Hours volunteered on June 3, 2019 count towards 2020 Club Recognition.

When new Leaders are being inducted into clubs, it usually means that new officer and executive board leadership are at the helm.  While this time can be challenging for the Leaders, let us not forget that often there is an adjustment period for the new exec board as they begin to add their mark to the legacy of the club.

Each year at BRLS, there is some incredible dialogue in Leadership classes regarding the roles of officers and the challenges and wins that take place in each club.  To expand that dialogue outside the parameters of BRLS and regional rallies, we would like to have current and former club officers share how they handled the transition from club member to executive leadership. Please share the contents of the newsletters with your leaders and invite them to share their experiences with the annual transition of club officer leadership.  We look forward to highlighting the articles shared by the leaders in our upcoming issues of the newsletter.  Please send article submissions to me by the third Friday of the month to be eligible for the next newsletter.

Finally, thank you for the work that takes place at the home YMCAs.  Success on the mountain is a direct result of the commitment level the other 51 weeks of the year.

In Spirit, Mind and Body,
Ryan Graham