June 1st??? Really?? Right now the pages are flying off the calendar at a furious pace as we count down the days to another amazing year on the mountain! No doubt, BRLS ’17 will be one of the best and I am excited to see what the week will hold for everyone.

I have heard from many that Leaders are wondering: “Who’s this new guy, Greg Hall?” “What’s his deal?” As many of them have only ever known Steve as the Director. Feel free to share the following!

The first thing I want folks to know is that there are changes to the school every year, regardless of the Director. BRLS prides itself on evolving and improving so that the Leaders can have the best possible experience. 2017 will be no different; we are adjusting to the current needs of the local YMCA and making changes to increase the overall positive impact of the school. Many of the decisions were ran through the filter of the following question, “What impact does this change have on the teen”?

The second thing to know is that I am a product of the school. For the past 39 years, I have been involved in some aspect of the school. I was a Leader, a Counselor, an Honor Leader, a Senior Leader, a Staff Member, and was an Assistant Director under Kevin Dean. I have been close to many major happenings of the school and take great pride in leading this wonderful week.

Lastly, I would want folks to know that I’m here for everyone. To share your BRLS experience and perspective with, to walk down to the dining hall with and talk about the work of your local club. To sit with after clinics to talk about life (be prepared to have some laughs). I think the world is made better by the sound of laughter and that a positive outlook makes every view more enjoyable. So walk up to me and ask me a question, or share with me a story and I’ll do the same. We are all coming to the mountain to grow!

Greg Hall

YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders’ School