As Fall makes it’s way to the mountains, the leaves explode with color and the views are even better than in June! If you get the chance to see Blue Ridge Assembly in October, don’t miss it.

And as we keep counting down the months until BRLS 2018 lets add a couple other announcements for all of us to anticipate. First, we will be adding some fun and informative videos from our staff to the website and Facebook page. These will start very soon so watch for some great messages from Eric, Mindy, Mary Evelyn, Kevin and lots of others as we work to make the full year programming the best it can be.

We know that all of you do amazing volunteer work in your home YMCA and the community.We have joined with MobileServe to add their amazing service to BRLS and by the end of the year each and every club will have access to state of the art hours tracking, and other cool features of this popular company…..right from our website! We will roll this out with an email and some webinars to make sure we can celebrate the thousand of impacts you all make across the south!

Lastly, if you are an advisor of a club that attended BRLS 2017 and you would like the fitness data on your teens, please feel free to send an email to Amanda Jaehnen with your club name. She will then send you an Excel file with each of your 2017BRLS Leaders’ data, form there you can add the names of any new club members and begin tracking for yourself. You can reach Amanda at

So I hope you are enjoying the crisp, cool autumn air and look forward to next months exciting updates.

Greg Hall

YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders’ School