Our goal is to help the Leaders adopt and commit to a healthier lifestyle. We hope that through motivation, training and education Leaders will begin to make better choices around their physical health and to give them to the foundation to build on as they progress through life. This is a process in 2017 we jammed all of the assessments into one day.  Based on feedback from our Leaders and staff we have moved to this new process where the Leaders will perform one of the assessments each day.  The exercises will remain the same with the objective that each Leader will improve over the previous year but be spaced out over the week.

Sunday, Classroom Day 1 – no assessment- give the classes time to adjust to the schedule
Monday, Classroom Day 2- Assessment of sit-ups
Tuesday, Classroom Day 3 – No assessment (due to mid-terms), (and they have no excuses for not participating in Achievement Night)
Wednesday, Classroom Day 4 – Assessment of push-ups
Thursday, Classroom Day 5 – Assessment of step test & flexibility

Assessments will be delivered in the following classes for each year on the mountain:

1st Year:              Science of Fitness I
2nd Year:             Science of Fitness II
3rd Year:              HEPA
4th Year:              Wellness Concepts I
5th Year:              Health Elective
6th Year:              Experiential Learning


Chris Knox