Waiting List/Cancellation Policy/Financial Assistance/Final Invoices

Blue Ridge Leaders School is two and a half months away and registration is hopping. In fact, currently we are at capacity with a waiting list. Don’t fret just yet, if you have not sent in your registrations. We are still accepting registrations and adding to the waiting list.

We are excited to have so many clubs and leaders wanting to attend BRLS this year. Between now and the school we will be working hard to move leaders into the school as we receive drops from the clubs enrolled. Historically, we have been able to get most if not all leaders off the waiting list. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, but we will do our very best.

Here are a few reminders regarding the registration process:

Cancellation Policy

Between April 1st and May 1st we usually have a $100 cancellation fee on top of the non- refundable deposit. We have waived this fee since we do have so many on the waiting list. After May 1st you will owe the full balance for each cancellation.

Advisors: Please email Brianne Pietronicco at briannepietronicco.brls@yblueridge.org any cancellations you have immediately. Please include the name and reason for cancellation- we do refund the deposit for certain approved reasons.

The quicker we receive cancellations, the quicker we can move other leaders into the school.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance applications should have been submitted by April 1. We are working on the review process and will let advisors know amounts received after the 15th.

Final Invoices

You will receive final invoices by May 15th by email. These will reflect any cancellations and financial assistance received. Please make sure you review each leader enrolled and their details and let Brianne know if there are any errors.

Other Questions?

Feel free to reach out to Brianne as she is happy to help. She can be reached at briannepietronicco.brls@yblueridge.org or 757-593-2768.