Cancellations/Waiting List
We have been slowly moving through the waiting list, however there are still just over 100 teens waiting to hear if they will be able to attend,
PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY if you have any Leaders who cannot attend.  We want to be able to enroll another teen in their space, but do not have much more time.

First Year Meeting and Senior Meeting on Saturday, June 16 Schedule Change
The first year meeting along with their advisors has changed until 7:20pm from the 3:00 listed in the packet.  Also, check-in has been extended until 5pm.  The Senior meeting will be held at 5pm.

Financial Assistance
Please remind all of your Leaders that received financial assistance to bring a thank you note to Blue Ridge Assembly to be turned in at check-in.

If you have had changes since sending in your final check-I will be sending updated invoices for remaining balances and if you are due a refund, we will process those the week of the school.

Dietary Restrictions
Several participants have listed certain dietary restrictions on their enrollment forms.   Anyone listing vegan or vegetarian will be able to eat from the food line and salad bar as normal. For any other special cases we will give you any additional instructions at check-in.

Mud Run and other special equipment
We will once again have an optional Mud run on Friday afternoon for a certain number spaces for Leaders in their 4th year and up and any adults that want to participate.  Sign up will be at the school office. If you or your Leaders are interested in participating, please have them bring old clothes and shoes.  Emails will be going out this week to Leaders and their advisors if they happen to be enrolled in a class requesting they bring extra equipment for example Tennis.  Please be on the lookout for those.

Pre-Purchased Snacks for Thursday club meeting and boxed lunches for Saturday, June 23
If you are interested in boxed lunches for your club for the drive home, please email Molly D’Avria at and let her know.  She will send out ordering information once it is available.

If interested in ordering snacks for your club’s Thursday Night meeting please follow this link:

Clubs are responsible for payment through YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly. Snacks will be available for pick up by a Club representative from the BRC Lobby on Thursday prior to the Club Meetings.
Simply place the number needed of each and you will be billed accordingly.  You are welcome to mix and match if you would like! Check out the link for all the options!
Orders due by Thursday, June 14!

Thank you all for your hard work!