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Club Development – Winter 2018/19

Club Recognition Update The roll out of the new club recognition has resulted in a great deal of energy and excitement regarding the amazing work that is being accomplished at the home YMCAs. The excitement of raising the bar has caused us to pump the brakes some as we are trying to align data [...]

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Registration Update – Winter 2018/19

Hello! I am sure by now everyone is getting antsy anticipating BRLS 2019 registration!  Here are a few highlights for this year: *Registration will be online! More specific details on how this will work will be available February 19th when all registration materials are finalized. (This means no more mailing registration packets-although there will be some forms to [...]


From the Director’s Porch – Winter 2018/19

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe that 2019 is upon us? I hope that the excitement and energy of the new year stays with all of us as we speed our way to BRLS this June. This time of year we make new goals, creative ideas, and fresh approaches. We also take time to celebrate the [...]

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Honor Leader Retreat Recap – November 2018

Even in the days leading up to the HL retreat, Greg and Jess really don’t tell us much about what we were going to be doing last weekend. All we knew going in was the big things we had to figure out like the theme (Get Excited!!). We soon figured out that’s because so much of the [...]


Club Development – November 2018

Advice From a Fellow Club Officer Hello all! My name is Marc Weinstein and my transition from club member to officer was a rather difficult one. My first year in club was the first year that my YMCA (South Tampa) had a Leaders’ Club, and as part of the first group I had [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – November 2018

WOW, what a busy month we have had as we prepare for BRLS 2019! I am happy to report that the School Leadership Team met and spent two and a half days pouring over all the feedback and notes pertaining to this past year’s school. Thanks to everyone who filled out a survey, or emailed a [...]

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Club Development – October 2018

Club Officers By now everyone is back to school, the new club officers have taken office, and new recruits are being introduced to the Leaders’ Club family.  As we embark on the new school year; Club Recognition and the transfer of officer leadership are our topics for this issue of the newsletter. In regards [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – October 2019

What a fantastic BRLS 2018 we had this summer!! From an amazing and inspiring opening devotion from the Honor Leaders to the joyful and energetic closing video by our brand new media clinic leaders, it was a week full of memories. Thanks to all that made the week such a success. And now we begin the [...]

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Counselor Update – October 2018

First and foremost I want to give a big GIANT thank you to all of our 2018 BRLS Counselors! The Mountain was better because of their hard work and dedication. Each year counselors are pushed and pulled to balance their personal BRLS experience and that of their group. The selection process has already begun for the 2019 crop [...]


Fitness Update – October 2018

We are now in our second year with our new format of YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders' School Fitness Assessments.  Thanks to a few brilliant Leaders' School Staff members we are able to track the results from the assessments to gain a better understanding of the fitness levels of the leaders coming to the school.  When [...]

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