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From the Director’s Porch – January 2018

Welcome to 2018!! It’s getting real now, registration information drops in a couple of weeks, and then time will fly until we are back on the mountain. If you’re a Leader hopefully you are well on your way to meeting your clubs requirements and doing lots of great work in your YMCA. If you’re an [...]

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Club Development – January 2018

Club Recognition Club recognition is the manner in which the work at the home YMCA is measured. Club recognition is an excellent way to celebrate and calculate the impact your Leaders’ Club has served and lead throughout the year. As registration packets information is being gathered in preparation for BRLS 2018, we have already had [...]

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Club Development – MobileServe

Friends, Colleagues, LEADERS! I have the pleasure of expounding on the many joys that come with using the website and App called MobileServe. I will start by saying that our club is quite large – we have just under 150 Leaders in our club. The numbers dictate that we have systems in place to make [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – December 2017

Happy New Years to everyone. I hope this newsletter finds you counting all the many blessings you have seen in 2017. Certainly being able to serve you as the Director of BRLS is at the top of my list. Work on the 2018 school is well underway with numerous planning meetings/webinars/calls. After reviewing lots of [...]

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Senior Leader Update – February 2017

There is a lot to be excited about as we get closer to BRLS 2017! We have been working to build on the history and traditions of BRLS to continue to improve the experience for all segments of the school.  Seniors and Adults are no exception. Over the years we have worked to provide a [...]

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Club Development – February 2017

"A Leader's Perspective" Hey All! I wanted to just touch on something that I think can be easily glossed over when trying to build and develop a club. Recognizing and respecting the different place in life a 13-year-old is versus an 18-year-old. Some clubs have approached this problem by simply separating their clubs into a [...]

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From the Director’s Porch – February 2017

Wow, what an exciting time of the year. First the Grammy's, then the Oscars and now it's Leaders’ School registration time! It really does just seem like yesterday that Steve was telling all of us to be on the lookout for bears. And now we're talking about revised fitness assessments, exciting new clinics, and a [...]

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Club Development – January 2017

"We've got spirit, yes we do. We've got spirit, how 'bout you?" The fall semester of the 2016-2017 Leaders' Club calendar is the books.  Our newest Leaders have been introduced to new friends, strategies regarding group formations, fitness goal setting and the history of the YMCA.This class of YMCA Leaders can even recite the YMCA mission, [...]

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